I want to tell all of my readers that the subscription box page is going under some construction and I am going to substitute it with a Yatir page to let you all know what Joi and I are doing, what events we will be at, what designs are in the making etc. So please watch out for that until the new and improved subscription box page is up with new months boxes and better more in depth reviews!

Thank you all for your support, I truly appreciate it.

Are You An "Influenster"?

As you may know I am a member of the site Influenster, it's a site that uses word of mouth(social networks, friends and family, etc.) to get feed back on products. You sign up, unlock(short survey) "badges" that pertain to your lifestyle, after you have unlocked these badges you can write reviews for the hundreds of products they have for all of the different badges on the site. The more active you are on the site the higher your chances are of actually receiving VoxBoxes, if you qualify based on the information and reviews you have given on certain items or your badges then you will receive an email letting you know that you are next in line to get a box!! After you get your box in the mail you will have a few emails to read, mandatory surveys, brand badges(MORE FREEBIES), Twitter parties, etc.

Personally, I think Influenster is one of the best subscription box out right. You pay $0 for full size items just because you gave your honest opinions on products!! I highly recommend becoming a member, like I said it is free and you receive full size products.

My 2012 Beauty Blogger VoxBox

I was actually quite shocked to see some of these products in this box, my first box(Naturals) did not have items I was completely satisfied with but I love each and every item here. I have never tried any NYC product since I rarely buy drug store shadows but appreciate the few dollars saved in that department this month, not too sure about these lashes, but plan on cutting them in half to enhance my natural lashes, Goody products are always fun and I approve of the spin pin 100%, I am yet to try my Eboosts from both of my boxes, received a White Barn candle instead of a Bath & Body Works one which saddened me but I will say it does smell good, I got the "Not Your Mother's" kinky moves curl defining hair cream and two mini Boots No. 7 beautiful skin lotions!

Read below for information on each product. 

*Disclaimer: I received all products complimentary through Influentster


I received this candle in my 2012 Beauty Blogger VoxBox by Influenster(article over to your right!) and have burned it every night since then! Each day I wake up to the scent even when it is just sitting there on my desk waiting for a flame.

You can buy this mini candle at Bath & Body Works now-2 for $5

Not Your Mother's products 

Kinky Moves curl defining cream in the mail last week and loving it. My usual frizzy hair has calmed down a lot.

Oh Goody!

Love these fun and simple spiral pins, they make throwing your hair into a bun a lot easier than just using rubber bands/hair ties. Form your hair into a bun and spiral/twist these pins in your hair for a firm hold.

Boost No. 7

Moisturizing lotion without the grease and oily residue. I use the lotion and the eye cream at least three to five times a day. Going to buy these products right when I run out!

Lash Blast 

Kiss lashes are a little flimsy but came in the mail right in time for Halloween


Who honestly thought that a drink mix that helps build your immune system, be PACKED with a variety of vitamins and naturally energize the body to actually work? Yes we all have tried Airbourne or Emergen-C, but Eboost is amazing, the other products don't help energize you. highly recommend the product.


[suh b-skrip-shuh n]

Noun, Plural sub-scrip-tion

a sum of money given or pledged as a contribution, payment, investment, etc.
the right to receive a periodical for a sum paid, usually for an agreed number of issues.
an arrangement for presenting a series of concerts, plays, etc., that one may attend by the payment of a membership fee

My 2012 Holiday VoxBox

Once again I was provided an awesome box! This is my third box I have earned/received from the site and I love this one most of all. The first box I got was an eco-friendly naturals box which only had two items out of around 6-7 that I actually got use out of, my second was the beauty blogger box which shocked me with an amazing scented candle, makeup, lotion yadda yadda(see my post for more), but this time around I was 100 times more excited to rummage through this box.

In my last VoxBox post(beauty blogger), I was introduced to NYC New York products, since then I have come to love the palette and adore the hell out of the lipgloss I received in the holiday box. Kiss popped up in my box again but this time with a "nail dress", a better product than the flimsy lashes I had last, Eboosts was back for some more high energy morning fun, Goody has also come running back to me with the best gift a girl can have, Quaker made their FAB debut as well as Sole Society and my lovely Clean Up Mud mask!

Read below for information on each product.

*Disclaimer: I received all products complimentary through Influentster

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal+

Quaker made their FAB debut in my 2012 Holiday VoxBox by Influenster and I am beyond happy it did. I loved the real fruit and great taste of Quakers original oatmeal, this quick breakfast food is easy to take on the go and handy! I received the Summer Berries flavor but adore the Peach flavor. Would love everybody to try this kickass oatmeal at least one of their favorite flavor from the four and get addicted!

EBOOST-A Healthy and Great Tasting

EBOOST is not what I thought it would be AT ALL! I received the Acai Pomegranate and shocking loved the taste, I drank it yesterday morning and got a great head start on my day, taste great, naturally helps build your immunity, cheap, effective and quite convenient, you have to try this product!

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque

Montagne Jeunesse has really great and easy to use face masks, they are all packed with the most delicious and natural ingredients that are bursting with luscious fragrances. All different skin types can use these and there are multiple masque: chocolate, fruit smoothie hydrating, aloe vera and also a willow clean up mud masque!

NYC New York Liquid Lipshine

NYC New York I'll admit, I disliked NYC New York since I was 12ish and every year following but now I have a new found respect for how cheap and convenient all of their products are. But no joke, this lipgloss is awesome! I have received a nude color that was perfect and not sticky whatsoever, pretty color that stands out among all the many lipglosses I now own.

Kiss Nail Dress

Kiss "nail dress" in the black and gold gemmed. They were not that difficult to put on even though it was my first time. I guess I must have wide fingers because I ended up using the big stickers for almost all of my nails. lol. The only problems I have found so far are that when I run my fingers through my hair the hair actually gets stuck under the sticker and pulls. Also they have chipped rather quickly. I put them on yesterday and already 3 of the nails are chipped. Other than that they are a great idea and I definitely would try them again.

Goody QuikStyle

Goody I can't help but rant on and on about this brush. I couldn't believe how fast my hair dried and even better, how smooth/non-frizzy and straight it was! I used this right after my shower and was/am super pleased on how well this product works!!!

Sole Society

Sole Society allows you to discover the latest trends, share your personal style, recommend shoes to friends and follow the top fashion insiders! Use promo code "Influenster25" to receive $25 off your first pair of shoes!! Enjoy