Working on the Spring/Summer collection

Joi and I are working on a few amazing designs and ideas for the upcoming Spring line for Yatir as a brand. Each line will get it's individual attention with fresh designs with a collaboration that will have the street wear game talking.

As of right now we are working on the brand's first fashion show which will be in LA April 5th 2014. Check for the upcoming Yatir page on In Between Thoughts on November 15th, love the support you all show!


Do you believe in Yeezus?

The outspoken and very much so opinionated Kanye West is out on his lecturing, lecture..same thing for Kanye. If interested in attending his tour dates are below.

Guess Who Is Moving Today..

So tired of moving, I just moved from California to Arizona this past June and now I am doing it all over again!! Sucks but hey whatever. Eating dinner now, meatloaf, mash potatoes and roasted carrots..nothing really to say anymore.

Moving was a horrific experience.

If You Can Afford This

Currently going through what every artist has trouble with and it is believing in there worth, having the motivation and helplessness to just give forth their gift for the wold to experience.

I have been having a hard time with inspiration lately for fashion designs/sketches as well as ideas for my writing and was reminded about an awesome site that carries a simple message. Everybody who comes across this post should check out the amazing pledge that Good Fucking Design Advice has.

To all of my fellow artists, no matter what your situation may be and no matter what your passion is..know I support you 100% and always will.

Have Not Been On My Blog In A Long Time

I realize that I blog for myself and little to nobody reads it but I think I owe it to myself to write and post everyday like I use to. Also, I have been receiving many emails from fashion blogging platforms about In Between Thoughts so I promise I will start visiting more often.

Frank Ocean Never Disappoints

This man has always amazed me, from the voice, lyrics to his fashion sense. He can go from hanging out with Odd Future and writing music for Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye(yes, West..what other Kanye do you know?), and working with Pharrell, even Bieber. With eleven different award nominees from GQ(won) to Soul Train how does he not amaze some? I mean the man has thrown the world a huge grenade with two awesome mixtapes right before saving our lives with Channel Orange, his debut album, between working with all of these A list celebrities he still managed to give us a cd that was worth making Pluto a planet again.

*I recommend listening to: "Thinkin' 'Bout You"(major hit single), "Super Rich Kids", "Bad Religion", "Pink Matter(feat. Andre 300)" and "Forest Gump".

Is anybody reading this? Does anybody even know my blog exist? I am perfectly fine with it if nobody does but I'd like to see my blog help and self esteem wise to home decor and food recipes. Maybe this is worse than Jenna's blog off Awkward, nobody knows about it but one person but mine won't go school wide viral status.

Hope you are having a great day/night.